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Welcome to the wtjtaz world radio website!

We hope you enjoy browsing our website, and that you find a lot of useful information.

You do not need to believe in order to love. You do not need to worship in order to praise.

You only need to be yourself and love unconditional,
without fault or prejudice and accept the power of being.

You only need to listen and you'll hear one true language
in which we all can understand and come together as one.
That language is music.

It is the life stream that gives us hope, conquers our fears, and lets us all understand that we are all different in our own way,

But that difference comes together in one light, beauty.

Music is essential to our everyday life,
it's how we express our emotions to one another,  How we speak when words alone aren't enough to express.
Music is power and without it, we are virtually deaf.
Music is an expression and it's the one expression we all can understand if only we stop and listen.
Music is universal and no matter what language in words we speak, we all can speak through the love of music.

WTJTAZ World Radio is committed to excellence in serving you the listeners, with the best music from around the globe
and it's our way of showing the world, our appreciation for all those who work hard to bring to light
the very essence of what we call music.
Do you hear a song and think,   "I can relate to that song"

and begin to tear up with sadness or joy, filling your hearts with praise because you feel as though someone understands your joy and sadness.

WTJTAZ World Radio doesn't stand with other stations agree or disagree,

we simply do what we believe is the best for our listeners
and that's to bring you the best of all the music available to the world.
Whether you like Rock, Pop, Country, Jazz, Trance, Dance, Dubstep, and even just
good ol' classical music, we bring it to you in a variety without being stationary in one setting or style.

WTJTAZ World Radio brings all together a blend of variations of music and beats because we believe in the power of colors, like the rainbow,
Because we believe one color stands alone, but the variety blended with just the right
tones gives you, the listeners, the perfect colors of the rainbow and no matter,
We here at WTJTAZ will only accept the best of everything because we believe our listeners deserves, only the best.
Our variety and blend of music is what makes us unique in our style of play.
We don't cater to one genre or style, we open the doors to all cultures and taste in music.

For us, it's not about playing one style, all the time,
But to blend it all into one extraordinary story of music.

No one even comes close to what we offer and our supporters are our biggest fans.
This station was founded on the basis of you all, the listeners and to tell us, what you would like. And we listen!

We would like to wish our listeners
a lovely summer :)


Thank You all!